Thursday, 3 December 2015

Free Pattern: Crochet Christmas Bauble #2

As I'd hoped, I did find some time to write up another pattern (yay!).

I hope these are making sense. The reason I set them out in a table is so I can write little explanatory comments at each stage without disrupting the flow of the pattern. But if it's still confusing, I'm happy to draw up a couple of charts to make things more clear.

I've taken new photos too, with close ups and different angles. They should make things a little easier to understand.

Without much further ado, here is the pattern...

 For baubles of 19.5cm circumference.

  • Crochet cotton (4ply)
  • 2.5mm hook

Stitches used:
  • Chain (ch)
  • Single crochet (sc)
  • Double crochet (dc)
  • Double crochet 2 together (dc2tog)
  • Slip stitch (slst)

dc2tog instruction:

I had attempted to explain how it's done. And then I couldn't even understand it. So here is a much better instruction by CrochetMe.

Just note that the dc2tog should be done over three stitches. We are trying to create a zig zag.

Magic loop, do not tighten completely
The thread cover can be started without using the bauble initially
Row 1
ch, 24 sc, slst

Row 2
ch2, dc in next second sc,
[ch2, dc2tog] repeat 10 times, ch2, slst
dc2tog: First dc should be in same sc as previous dc, second dc should be in second sc from first dc
Row 3
ch4, dc in ch2 space,
[(dc, ch, dc) in ch2 space] repeat 10 times, slst

Row 4
[ch20, slst in fourth dc from ch beginning] repeat 6 times, slst

Row 5
[18dc, slst in previous row slip stitch] repeat 6 times

Row 6
slst to tenth dc, [ch 20, slst in tenth dc] repeat 6 times,
tie off and trim threads

Place cover over bauble, tighten magic loop around the nubbin at the top of the bauble.
Thread a short piece of yarn through the chain loops of the last row, pull tight till all ends meet.
Tie off, trim and tuck in threads.

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