Thursday, 17 December 2015

Bauble Break

So I've needed a break from all the baubles. I made at least a dozen, but it turns out that isn't quite enough.

I know it's just over a week till Christmas and I really need to finish them for my family, but I can't help but want to work on new projects!

I've started a new project (yet again!), a shawl for my grandmother. I decided that for 2016, everyone would be getting something knitted or crocheted. I already have the cousins birthdays sorted, next is my grandmother (or grandmothers, one at a time). And since she's an insomniac who stays up half the night watching tv, I figured something to keep her shoulders toasty would be appropriate.

I found a really nice pattern on, the Unforgettable Top Down Shawl.

Unforgettable Top Down Shawl
By N.S. Fard for Red Heart
I like it because it's simple and repetitive. It's difficult to make mistakes. Which is just what I need right now to distract me from my more complicated projects. I can't hide from them forever though. birthdays means deadlines...and January is fast approaching!

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