Monday, 7 December 2015

Free Pattern: Crochet Christmas Bauble #4

So I had written this awesome little intro to this post. And I HAD saved it. But for some reason, now when I access it to finish editing, it is an empty post. Since I do not think I could replicate the sheer awesomeness that was my previous intro, I leave you with this; bauble #4.

Christmas Bauble #4

So this bauble uses the same 5-point star pattern from bauble #3. This pattern is very easy and quick. It's more simple than the other designs. Mainly because my sister said she liked it when you could see more of the bauble. So this one's for you babe.


  • Crochet cotton (4 ply)
  • 2.5mm hook

Stitches Used:

  • Chain (ch)
  • Single crochet (sc)
  • Double crochet (dc)
  • Slip stitch (slst)

We start by making a star;

5-Point Star

Magic loop, do not tighten yet
Make sure the loop is big enough to go over the nubbin of the bauble.
Row 1
Ch, 15sc, slst

Row 2
Ch3, 2dc, [ch5, 3dc] repeat 4 times, ch5, slst
Dc stitches are completed in each sc of previous row.
Row 3
Ch2, [sc in 3rd dc, (3sc, ch2, 3sc), sc in 1st dc] repeat 3 times,
sc in 3rd dc, (3sc, ch2, 3sc), slst
Instructions in the round brackets are done in the ch5 space.
Tie off and break thread

Now make a slip knot and pull the thread through one of the 5 points of the star.
[Ch 31, slst in next star point] repeat 4 times. The last slst should be to starting point. 

Place crochet cover over the bauble, with the nubbin in magic loop hole, Tighten the loop around nubbin.
Loop a thread through the ch31 spaces and pull tight to close crochet cover around the bauble. 
Tie off and break threads. Tuck in or trim any loose threads.

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