Monday, 23 May 2016

End of Days

So it's nearly end of semester and I'm already getting ahead of myself. It's so easy to lose myself in the list I make for my holidays. I do it every time. The last few semester breaks have not gone according to plan so I'm hoping this time I'll get to achieve at least some of the things on my list.

So this magical list I keep mentioning...well pretty much whenever I see something interesting or think of something I'd like to do, it goes on my mental wait list. I basically just add it to the list to so I can get to it when I have time. It's a very long list!

The latest thing to hit my list is brioche knitting.

I've heard and seen examples of it before but I've never considered learning the technique. Until now. I've had this idea to create a two tone scarf. I've started and undone it several times because it doesn't look quite right. The issue is that I'm using two different kinds of yarn; a standard 8 ply acrylic and a feather novelty yarn.

Up until this point, I've pretty much just winged it. And it hasn't worked out well. But when I saw a brioche knitted scarf, it clicked. I'm not sure that brioche knitting will be a perfect fit for what I have in mind but I think at the very least by learning the technique I might find a way to adapt it to my needs. Hopefully!

It'll still be a few weeks till I have the chance to find out, unfortunately. But I'm excited!

Meanwhile, my Mother has requested an earflap hat! I know some people hate getting requests, but I love it! It makes me happy to know that someone wants something I can make. I have so much yarn and so many patterns I want to try but absolutely nowhere to put all of it. And unfortunately, not everything I want to make will work on me.

I decided to try out this pattern I had seen a little while back by Adela Illichmanova.

I absolutely love how different it looks with the tassels and long pom pom. I figured my mum would love it and I can finally use this discontinued Moda Vera Harmony yarn I have.

Capucine by Adele Illichmanova
Photo courtesy of Jayblossom

I bought it ages ago and still hadn't found a use for it because I didn't quite have a enough. But this hat will be perfect! Now I just have to make sure it's complete before the end of Winter so mum can actually use it...

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