Thursday, 28 April 2016

Happy Days are Here Again

It's incredible that my thoughts have not changes over the last three months. My life is too crazy right now. Does it ever slow down? I suppose if it did, I'd be bored out of my mind.

I've been a little disappointed lately with my craft. I've wanted to do more but it's been just another stress so I haven't been able to accomplish much. I do however have some new projects lined up for family members.

The aunties are next on my list and I decided to make some nice scarves since both their birthdays fall in winter. I wanted something interesting for so I chose the Snowflake Scarf by Purl Soho and the Spiral Staircase Shawl by LizAnn Petch.

Snowflake Scarf by Purl Soho

I'd just bought this beautiful 12 ply yarn and when I saw that snowflake scarf I knew it would be perfect. Just looking at it, I was worried it would require some concentration and a lot of counting rows. But it's been pretty simple, and now I'm nearly done. I'm just not sure how long is just right.

Spiral Staircase Shawl by LizAnn Petch
With the spiral staircase shawl, I had some beautiful variegated yarn that I'd been trying to find a use for. I started the project but now I'm not sure. I'm not sure I like the look yet or whether I'll even have enough. I may have to do some shopping.

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