Friday, 25 March 2016

It's Astounding, Time is Fleeting

Once again I have been super busy! I just don't know where the time goes. And even though relatively, a short amount of time has passed, I feel like so much has changed for so little a period.

Uni is getting tedious, which is terrifying since I'm nearly done. I've heard of people giving up on their degrees so close to completion, I get that now. My music tastes have shifted once again. It seems to be even more broad and eclectic than ever. I was selected for an international excursion with my uni, which is an excellent opportunity. I'm nailing down all the paperwork for it, which is just another thing to add to the pile. And then there's my family. Whilst wonderful to a tee, my family is a constant source of guilt. I never get to see them. It's gotten to the point where they're almost strangers, we've forgotten how to talk to each other. It makes me sad.

But maybe that's why I'm trying to so hard to make them all something for their birthdays. That way they know that even though I don't have time to spend with them, I'm still thinking of them. I hope they get that.

At least with Easter a few days away, I can take advantage of the public holidays to spend some time with them and maybe reconnect a little.

I'll be taking a few belated birthday gifts with me when I see them...

The lighting sucked so the photos are fantastic, but my projects turned out really well. At least I think so.

I finally finished my cousin's cardi, and only 4 weeks late! It was worth all the time and effort. I hope she'll get some wear out of it this winter.

The beanie below is for my uncle whose birthday is tomorrow. One day early this time, yay! This project started out as a dilemma. Surprisingly, despite my enormous yarn stash, I did not have appropriate yarn to make this! All I had were left overs of colours I desperately wanted to use. Since I didn't have time to buy more, I just had to roll with it. And despite my concerns, everything turned out fabulously.

I ended up working this up in less than a day whilst watching some lectures. I managed to use my left over Carnival So Soft yarn on 4.5mm needles, which made knitting a breeze. And I used a Yarnspirations pattern as a guide but kind of winged it along the way. I'm actually really happy with the way it turned out. It's super soft and I got rid of some leftovers which had no purpose yet.

Now I'm just trying to finish up my Dad's birthday present...socks! They are the bane of my existence right now. Big mistake. Next time, he gets a beanie too.

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