Thursday, 25 August 2016

...Searching Far and Wide

Lately, I have been going nuts over Pokemon. Again. I feel like I'm a kid again. I've set myself a goal of creating one new Pokemon each week. That way when my cousin comes over each week, there's a new edition to the group.

So far my Pokemon count is at...

Since I grew up watching and playing the first 151 Pokemon, I've decided to stick with the Kanto Pokemon for now. I'll branch out eventually, but for now I have 151 different options! And admittedly, I'm sticking to the ones made up of easy shapes for now. Hence the Voltorb...

I really am enjoying this fun little distraction from real life. Since I can make them pretty quickly, it brings a nice little feeling of accomplishment to each week. They're a great way to procrastinate for my bigger projects and uni work. Lately, the time-consuming things just feel too daunting. I'm all about the instant gratification right now. And what could me more gratifying than Pokemon?

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