Monday, 9 November 2015

Baubles, Bangles and Bright Shiny Things

I've been stitching like crazy lately trying to finish those tunics for my cousins. I found a pattern to give me approximate sizing and the number of stitches and then I've just gone with my gut. It looks pretty cute so far, but I'm worried the size will be too small. Even though I made a gauge swatch and measured everything out, it still doesn't seem quite right. I'll finish it first before I freak out though. And if it doesn't fit, there are plenty of other people I know who have babies.

I also decided what I wanted to make for christmas for my family. I usually bake them all something sweet, but this year I decided to make something less naughty. Among my Pinterest travels I came across theses crocheted baubles which I thought were adorable.

I'd like to make at least one for each of the separate families, maybe one each if I have time. I'll see how I go.

I found a few different designs while I was searching and some beautiful colourful baubles from Woolies.

Baubles from Woolies

Pattyo's Baubles via Circle of Crafters

HandiArt's Baubles

HandiArt has so many different designs, and those ones are for sale.

I found a great looking tutorial for them too on Marina makes it look so simple but effective. I'm so excited to try them.They should be a super quick and fun project. And it might deplete my yarn stash a touch!

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